“Nobody has the right to say ‘You must or I’ll hurt you!’”

Monty Roberts

Read some of the past cases Tom has worked on. You can read more about Tom's work on the testimonial page.

  • Ruby  (A terrified Section A)
  • Easy  (A difficult boy)
Courses 4 Horses was founded in 2005, by Tom Bowyer, near the North Shropshire / Powys border.

Tom has spent many years learning and perfecting non-violent methods for working with horses and now uses these techniques to help horses and people have a better understanding of each other.

    Tom especially enjoys working with 'problem' horses and is available to help if your horse has any phobias or vices such as:

  • bucking,
  • biting,
  • rearing,
  • fear of clippers,
  • problems with trailor loading,
  • fear of traffic, plastic bags etc..

Tom is also able to offer expert guidance with regard to leading, handling and groundwork issues.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tom says. . .

“It doesn’t matter how much we think we know or how experienced we think we are, horses force us to continue to learn. It’s critical that the differences in every horse be noticed and given respect if we are to continue to progress.

"Many of the problem behaviours exhibited by horses are actually caused by us humans but the wonderful thing about horses is that, no matter how many mistakes we make (and we all make them!), our horses always give us another chance to get it right. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes but try as hard as you can to notice them, learn from them and not repeat them.

"Sadly, horses can be FORCED to do things, but they can’t be forced to do them willingly. If you can cause a horse to WANT to do it, then that’s something very special indeed.”