Structure + Function = Performance

What structures do I have?
What are the true functions of each of those structures?
What do I need to do to achieve the levels of performance that I need?



AEP demands a much greater degree of commitment from the horse owner. The rewards are there for the committed.

As a horse owner, I was becoming intensely frustrated with the results I was getting from the majority of farriers I used and, desperate to do the very best for my horses, I researched the possibilities of going shoeless.

What I intend in this article is to attempt to explain my reasons for choosing this particular path — the science of Applied Equine Podiatry

Read the full article, 'Applied Equine Podiatry—A New Science', by Tom Bowyer DAEP MIAEP.



This article outlines four theories which are, currently, accepted as conventional knowledge and, as such, are still being taught to both farriers and veterinarians.

My aim is to show how these theories have now been disproved by the latest research from the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry.

'Applied Equine Podiatry Explodes the Myths', by Tom Bowyer DAEP MIAEP.

Tom has been a licensed instructor since 2009. He has lectured all over the world, helping people to do the best for their horses.

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Tom has clients throughout the UK. He is available to help you and your horse.

For those wanting more in-depth scientific theories, please view the following articles written by Dr KC La Pierre.


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