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“Our Dutch driving horse, Abel, used to have problems when it came to having his feet handled but after one visit from Tom, with his sensitive but firm approach, his feet were transformed and he was a far more relaxed horse.

We were able to drive him barefoot, getting him up to driving trials fitness which entailed up to ten miles (mainly on tarmac) each day.

We could not be more grateful nor recommend Tom highly enough.”

- Fay & Gwyn Thomas

“We met Tom some years ago, when we were having difficulties with a rather ‘naughty’ pony and a sometimes reluctant horse; both with loading problems.

Having discovered that Tom was significantly into the equine behavioural methods of Monty Roberts, we invited him along to our place. We were already of the 'school of thought' that horses should be trained with non-aggressive methods, (forget brooms, blue pipe, whips, squeezie bottles, multiple lunge reins, feed, carrots etc etc); but little did we know how impressed we would be after the next two hours or so.

Tom put up his round-pen in our arena, quickly getting to know each horse in turn, and soon effecting 'join up'. It wasn't long after that both the pony and horse individually, were lead to the horsebox, and gently but persuasively encouraged on-board. This soon lead to repetition and 'lead rope free' loading by both Tom and then ourselves. Oh what joy!!

We had achieved success within hours, which then left us with the straightforward job thereafter of training ourselves and working with our horses to eventually end up with total ease of loading.

Patience is a virtue, take it carefully, slowly & kindly-but-firmly with a consistent method, and realise all the cures possible. We are all still enjoying our horse’s ‘Happily ever after’ and have also been able to help others too.”

Ray & Sue Hall

“Tom has attended to our horses for some time now and at all times his work has been to the highest level of professionalism.

He always looks to the horses as individuals, working with each one sensitively and patiently which is very important to us; and is always ready to listen to our concerns, offering advice if required.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an equine podiatrist who cares passionately about the horse’s welfare and well-being.”

- K McMuldrow


We could not be more grateful nor recommend Tom highly enough.


“We would highly recommend Tom's services. Our vet, on seeing one of our horses who needed robust hoof treatment said "I know of Tom's work, and he has done exactly the right thing. He is highly skilled as a podiatrist." Tom is conscientious, diligent and truly understands how horses tick. He is also a good time keeper!”

- Susan & Russell Stafford-Tolley

“Hi Tom,

Thank you for your work with Crystal. Once faced with the prospect of a chronically laminitic horse confined to a stable, permanently on painkillers and sedatives, we now, a few weeks later, have a horse whose laminitis has cleared up and who is out at grass 24/7.

Your re-shaping and wrapping of her hooves has resulted in a sound horse with properly balanced feet. We were also very pleased with the patient way in which you handled her — we think she likes you!”

- Fred & Sylvia Wavell

“Tom was highly recommended to me by numerous, trusted fellow horse people. He helped immensely with 'fixing' my horses feet after numerous abscesses post shoe removal and worked brilliantly with both of my horses, one of whom can be quite dominant and difficult at times. He is always extremely patient with my horse and also correctly helped to diagnose a hip problem which we are now treating.I'm so thankful for your advice. Happy horses and healthy hooves! Thanks a million!”

- Rachel Cakebread

“Dear Tom 

You have been looking after Tui's hooves now for almost 3 years, and, as you well know, I truly appreciate your caring, professional service. 

You are friendly, thorough, reliable and always calm, and my horse is clearly happy and relaxed during his treatment.  I have noted too that you never, ever rush the job; you put my horse and his needs first every time.

It is so obvious that you are passionate about horses and their health via their hooves and I wouldn't want anyone else looking after Tui's! 

Thank you!!!”

- Helen Bingham & Tui :-)

I haven’t looked back since Tom has given me the confidence to take my horses shoeless. Faultless feet with no infection. Beautiful, healthy frogs and no lameness. Seems so obvious now!

Would also strongly recommend attending one of his 3-day courses, I found the dissection particularly fascinating as it gave me a much stronger understanding of the complexities of foot function.

- Ophelia Camp

We have found Tom reliable, trustworthy and not afraid to give an honest opinion, regardless of consequences. We cannot recommend him sufficiently highly.

“I first contacted Tom, in desperation, 18 months ago, hoping to find someone to help with a pony with whom we could do nothing. He could not easily be caught, it was difficult to put a head collar on him, (if he didn’t want you to) and he barged.

We had reached the stage of feeling sick at the thought of having made no progress with him in the best part of 3 years. Tom came out to see us and within 2 hours he had established such a good rapport with Rory that he managed not only to pick up all 4 feet (something no one else had been able to achieve in Rory’s short lifetime), but also to trim his front feet.

Tom then took Rory for a week’s ‘residential’ working on further basic training with him and giving us advice on the treatment of sweet-itch, He advised on how a change of diet and the use of medicinal herbs could be of benefit to our ponies and also managed to complete the work on Rory’s feet begun in Shropshire.

We have since moved to Cheshire, where Tom continues to visit and work with Rory. We have taken on two young rescue ponies, and his advice here has been invaluable. In particular he has taught us the importance of consistency.

Tom’s work, however, is not limited to horses. He also works with their owners, ensuring that horse and human progress in the right way; learning, appreciating and valuing each of their respective boundaries and behaviours.

Our daughter had been a keen rider in her youth, but had given up riding to raise children. Her sons are now at school and she had hoped to take up riding again, but found she had lost confidence in her ability, to the extent that horses now scared her. A brief chat with Tom restored her confidence, removed her fear, and introduced her to techniques based on a mutual knowledge and trust which will allow her and her horse to move forward together. This is the cornerstone of his approach; owner and horse working and moving forward together in a truly holistic manner.

We have found Tom reliable, trustworthy and not afraid to give an honest opinion, regardless of consequences. We cannot recommend him sufficiently highly.”

- Joy & Baz Parkes

“Tom Bowyer and I first met about 4 years ago at a holistic horse fair in church Stretton. My mare, Eve, had pretty sensitive back legs and hated her feet being done plus she never had the best hooves, bless her.

Tom and I got talking, he came out to me for a free first visit and we haven’t looked back. Eve is really good with him, although still hates her feet being done, but her hooves are stronger and she has much better manners.

Tom also has other talents with horses, I rescued a horse around the same time we met and he helped with his retraining and also now does his feet too which has been a big challenge.

Tom is hard working and super with the horses. I would recommend him to anyone.”

- Beth Sawicki + Jet, Eve and Alfie